Choosing that Perfect Wedding Ring

Choosing That Perfect Wedding Ring Choosing That Perfect Wedding Ring Choosing That Perfect Wedding Ring Choosing That Perfect Wedding Ring Choosing That Perfect Wedding Ring Choosing That Perfect Wedding Ring Choosing That Perfect Wedding Ring

When you are getting married, your choice in wedding rings will be an opportunity to reflect your style as a couple. Are you both traditionalists? Do you love the timeless romance of Victorian or Edwardian styling? Do favor more contemporary design? Art Deco perhaps? Whichever route you go, remember that you will be wearing your rings for many years to come, so you will want to think carefully before making a final decision.

The first thing to consider is whether you prefer the idea of a matching ring set or separate wedding ring/engagement rings. Matched bridal rings are popular with many couples because (like a good marriage!) the two are literally made for each other. They both echo each other’s design; they can have the same details, stones and finishes and they sit comfortably on the finger next to each other so that they almost look like one ring. Our matched sets come in several different styles so you can choose the perfect one for you.


Your choice in engagement ring is important if you want to have a matched ring set; the wedding band will need to be shaped accordingly so that the two sit flush together, side by side. If your engagement ring has a unique shape such as a curved band, for instance, the wedding ring will need to be specially contoured to match it.

Want your wedding ring to look good with your engagement ring but don’t want them to match perfectly? You can pick a complementary style wedding ring without being too “matchy matchy”. Think about choosing both rings in the same precious metal; both in 18K gold or both in platinum, for instance. They will have a similar look and will wear in the same way over the years. You can also choose two rings that have the same finish or shape so that they complement each other. If you want your wedding band to have diamonds in it too, you will need to test the way both rings sit together so that they look and feel “seamless” and the stones do not “fight” with each other or feel uncomfortable for the wearer. An eternity band is a good way to go in this instance as the smaller diamonds go all the way round the band, complementing a larger center gemstone in the engagement ring.

Sylvia’s Advice: as a rule of thumb, it is best to pick rings that have the same vintage or contemporary styling or general aesthetic, if you plan to wear them on the same finger.

Separate rings

Choosing That Perfect Wedding Ring

Some brides prefer to wear their wedding ring separately because of their busy lifestyle with work or sports. In this case, you may like the flexibility of wearing your ring on its own – or with your engagement ring so that you have both options. If so, choose a wedding ring that looks good if you wear it alone. If you wear your rings separately you can also opt to have ones with completely different styles. Why not have an antique style engagement ring and a contemporary style wedding band? This does not tie you down to one “look”. There are no hard and fast rules here, so choose whatever is practical, stylish and works best for you.

Do you like those fashionable wide wedding rings? You can wear one on its own if it does not fit the look of your engagement ring or if it is too big to be worn together. Stacking your wedding ring with other rings on the same finger can also give you lots of future flexibility in terms of style, so bear that in mind when making your final choice in terms of wedding ring width.

Wedding Ring Styles

Choosing That Perfect Wedding Ring

Sylvia’s Antique Jewelry carries a wide selection of weddings bands to choose from. If you are a traditional couple, you will want to choose one of our plain, classic bands, available for men and women in your choice of precious metals. We also carry a variety of diamond wedding rings in different widths and styles. Our prong set rings showcase the dazzling look of multiple diamonds to their best advantage without a metal border. If you like the look of diamonds surrounded by a border, however, choose one of our channel set rings, which adds greater protection to the stones. Pave rings look as if they are encrusted all over with diamonds and their vintage look is very popular right now. Eternity bands are also a popular choice for many couples. They feature diamonds that wrap around the entire ring so that the finger dazzles with reflected light. Many couples are also choosing to add sapphires to their wedding bands for that brilliant, unmistakable flash of blue. We carry matching sapphire engagement rings should this look appeal to you.

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