Exclusive Diamond Collection

Sylvia’s Antique Jewelry is proud to offer our Exclusive Diamond Collection, a specially selected group of the highest quality stones available on the market today, for the discerning customer who wants only the very best. The process for selecting these special stones is extraordinarily time-consuming. The diamonds are hand picked, to the most exacting and painstaking standards, by no less than four full time gemologists who search carefully through the thousands of stones supplied by our expert diamond cutters to choose only the very few that make the top grade. The Exclusive Diamond Collection represents the highest level of quality on every level - cut, clarity, symmetry and polish. They are the best of the best stones, breathtakingly beautiful and radiating the most brilliance and fire possible.

Exclusive Diamond Collection diamonds are cut to the best possible proportions to allow the maximum amount of light to travel through to the eye. Their symmetry is exceptional, so that all facets are directed at the eye to produce an unmatched and even brilliance. All diamonds in this special collection are graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), an independent, highly respected trade organization that verifies their quality to make sure they meet our stringent requirements.

We invite you to look through our Exclusive Diamond Collection to see the very finest Ideal (ID) and Excellent (EX) cut diamonds we can make available to our customers.

The expert consultants at Sylvia’s Antique Jewelry are available to answer any questions you may have about our Exclusive Diamond Collection or any of the gemstones we sell. Please call  800-969-6930 or Email Us  and we will be happy to assist you.