About Us

Welcome to Sylvia’s Antique Jewelry! With over fifteen years of experience and leadership in the antique,vintage,estate jewelry and antique,vintage inspired jewelry business, we have built our reputation by providing outstanding quality gemstones and superb craftsmanship at an affordable price. We are committed to providing our customers only with the highest quality, authentic antique and vintage style jewelry.

 If you are an enthusiast of antique and vintage jewelry, you will, no doubt, be aware of the soaring prices commanded at auction houses worldwide for quality pieces. Perhaps you have attended actual auctions, or watched pricing on line skyrocket to levels far above your reach. It can be frustrating to wonder how you can ever afford to buy a piece of stunning antique jewelry for yourself. At Sylvia’s Antique Jewelry we recognized this trend early on and built our company to meet the growing demand. The release of recent movies such as The Great Gatsby and the enormous popularity of TV series such as Downton Abbey and Mad Men have only served to increase the intense interest in period style jewelry. 

 Sylvia’s Antique Jewelry is based on a simple premise: buying a high quality engagement or antique style ring does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. We make it both easy and affordable for you to select the perfect one. You will find top quality diamonds and other gemstones which have been independently certified; our craftsmen are outstanding and our customer service is second to none. We also offer you the opportunity to customize your choice by choosing the right stone, which we will set in the ring, necklace or earring design you prefer. We also ship your order free and will give you a guaranteed refund within 30 days should you not be satisfied, for any reason. What could be simpler?

We are delighted you have chosen us and look forward to serving your jewelry needs for many years to come.